On 8th of April,2019,  at the Volcano Golf Course in the Island of Hawaii, 3(three) Hawaii Sakura Foundation board members as well as three(3) Volunteers worked very hard together with boots on the ground and knees in the soil.
They  performed timely maintenance on Sakura trees which were planted in 2012 and started blooming every year since then.
 Three volunteers are the UH Hilo Japanese exchange students and a local gardener who support Hawaii Sakura Foundation’s mission and our movements.  Even though they were exhausted after the long working day, they all went back home with the great feeling in their heart that all these Sakura trees were also happy after being nourished by their loving care.
after weeding, lichen removal, and light pruning, the trees were fertilized then mulched with a compost-steer manure-lime mix placed away from the trunk
Volcano Golf Course cherry trees bloomed in April in 2018 and 2019