In 2018, (2) two potted Sakura trees were transferred to Lyon Arboretum. These trees were germinated in 2013 from the seeds came from Japan.
This year 2020, trees were planted at the front yard lawn of UH Magoon Research Facility.
One tree( 6 feet =180 cm) is planted at the north side and the other tree ( 4 feet=120cm ) is planted at the south side of the front lawn.
Magoon Research Facility
2717 Woodlawn Drive, Honolulu, HI, 96822
The research center is located near Manoa Shopping Center.
The Sakura tree in north side, considered to be Oshima.
It is growing strong and healthy.
Oshima Sakura is the most famous variety of wild species of Japanese Sakura. Japanese “Language of flowers” of Oshima Sakura are such as “Chastity” and “Beauty of the heart”. English “Language of flowers “also includes “Excellent beauty.”
The Sakura tree in north side, Oshima Sakura,
We found the dried up flower after blooming.
When a flower is blooming, its petal is white. However just before the flower is falling off, we heard that their petals turn to be pinkish.
We are looking forward to seeing more blossom in the near future.
The Sakura tree in north side : considered to be Oshima sakura
It is about 6 feet=180 cm tall.
The north side Sakura tree , consider to be Oshima Sakura. This particular leave is 17 cm long. Usually, the size of Oshima Sakura leave is 5-10 cm and it is very fragrant. Therefore, leaves are used for Sakura Mochi (Japanese sweets).
The south side Sakura tree, Oshima Sakura.
It is planted between Woodland Drive ( on the left) and the Magoon facility parking lot.
The south side Sakura tree, Oshima Sakura
It is about 4 feet (120cm) tall.