photo by Norie, 01/05/2021
More flowers bloomed on Oshima Sakura at the Northside.
Clusters of flowers are blooming on nine ( 9 ) sections of this tree.
photo by Norie, 01/05/2021
We found  more flower buds on the sections of the tree ready to bloom soon.
photo by Norie, 01/05/2021
“Sepals“ after the flowers fall.
There are five (5) sepals which equal to the numbers of the flower petals.
The sepals support the entire flower and each flower petals.
photo by Norie, 01/05/2021
The proof of falling flowers.
Even the flower has gone, the sepals remain by keeping its shape.
photo by Norie, 01/05/2021
Flower buds ready to bloom?
photo by Sandra, 11/19/2020
Sandra’s friend Chucky also contributes on  watering and fertilization?
No wonder the Sakura tree looks healthy? (Lol )
Sandra observes Sakura tree during the daily routine of walking with her dog.
Now Manoa Residents Facebook Group also shows great interests in checking Sakura tree in the area.
Thank you Sandra!