photo by Norie, 01/05/2021
This photo was taken on January 5th, 2021.
We cannot recognize any changes  in the size of trees since last 11 months.
Three (3) Cherry Trees were planted in Manoa Valley Park on February 21st, 2019.
photo by Norie, 01/05/2021
The Sakura tree on the right viewing from the parking lot.
photo by Norie, 01/05/2021
Ready to shed leaves?
In Japan, generally a tree is getting ready to shed leave toward the cold winter, in order to store energy toward spring for its blooming.
In Hawaii, there aren’t four distinct seasons. Therefore we are in the stage of observing its behavior very closely.
photo by Norie, 01/05/2021
Dried up?
At this time, we cannot tell whether the tree just shed the leaves or it is dried up and died. In any cases, it seems like that the tree  needs more water and fertilizer.
However,  over watering causes the stagnation of water. This will lead to the roots to be rotten.