Photo by Norie, 01/17/2021
The tree is bearing the fruits (seeds)
Photo by Norie, 01/17/2021
We used transplant bags to cover the seeds, So that  birds will not eat them up.
Photo by Norie, 01/17/2021
We covered 12 sections by using bags.
Now the tree looks like a Christmas tree?
Birds might be surprised also!
Only less than 0.2 % seeds were germinated out of all the Sakura seeds  brought in from Japan to Hawaii.
Therefore, we are not sure whether these small seeds we will try to collect from this young tree might be able to successfully germinate or not.
However, first thing first,  we need to protect these seeds from the birds!
This could be the first trial in Hawaii/ the world (?) to protect Sakura seeds by using transparent bags!
We hope it works!